Proceedings of Parliament - Bills 2019

The Energy Drinks (Prohibition) Bill (B01/2019)
The Companies (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B02/2019)
The Sanctions Bill 2019 (B03/2019)
The Gibraltar Electricity Authority (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B04/2019)
The European Union Laws (Voluntary Implementation) Bill 2019 (B05/2019)
The Public Health (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B06/2019)
The Supplementary Appropriation (2017/2018) Bill 2019 (B07/2019)
The Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B08/2019)
The Tobacco (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B09/2019)
The Gibraltar Savings Bank (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B10/2019)
The Ivory Bill 2019 (B11/2019)
The Public Services Ombudsman (Amendment) (University of Gibraltar) Bill 2019 (B12/2019)
The Swiss Carriage of Passengers and Goods by Road Bill 2019 (B13/2019)
The European Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B14/2019)
The European Union Withdrawal (Application of International Agreements) Bill 2019 (B15/2019)
The Appropriation Bill 2019 (B16/2019)
The Crimes (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B17/2019)
The Private Sector Pensions Bill 2019 (B18/2019)
The Stamp Duties (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B19/2019)
The Climate Change Bill 2019 (B20/2019)
The Pet Animals (Sales) Bill 2005 (B21/2019)
The Matrimonial Causes (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B22/2019)
The Financial Services Bill 2019 (B23/2019)
The Prison (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B24/2019)
The Matrimonial Causes (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B25/2019)
The Environmental Protection (Trees) (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B26/2019)
The Gibraltar Residential Properties Limited (Assignment, Transfer, Vesting, Registration and Notice) Bill 2019 (B27/2019)
The Civil Aviation (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B28/2019)
The Surrogacy Bill 2019 (B29/2019)
The Parliament (Amendment No. 2) Bill 2019 (B30/2019)
The Transfrontier Television (Council of Europe) Bill 2019 (B31/2019)
The Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B32/2019)
The Pensions (Widows and Orphans) (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B33/2019)
The Supplementary Appropriation (2016/2017) Bill 2019 (B34/2019)
The Supplementary Appropriation (2017/2018) Bill 2019 (B35/2019)
The Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B36/2019)
The Imports and Exports (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B37/2019)
The Referendum (Amendment) Act 2019 (B38/2019)
The Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill 2019 (B39/2019)